Project details
Project details

Monin, a long-established company specializing in professional syrups, has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with the creation of a unique limited-edition product: L'essence de Monin. A product with an incomparable aroma, somewhere between syrup and perfume, designed to be sprayed on a cocktail to give it that final touch. To tell the story of this product, from the choice of raw materials to the creation of the bottles, the brand selected five renowned and influential bartenders to travel across Europe and meet those who accompany the brand in its quest for its essence. The result: a tailor-made, multi-platform, multi-format saga unveiled week after week for six months, and nearly 3 million views.

Artistic Direction – Content production – Content strategy

Partner agency : 14 Septembre

Mockup téléphone de la campagne Monin
Champs de Yuzu au Portugal
Bartender dans un champ de Yuzu
Packshot du contenant en verre produit à Murano
Photo de venise, ville de l'étape 2
Photo de la bartender de l'épisode 3, tourné à Dusseldorf
Photo des créations graphiques de Chloé
La team au complet

Résultats de la campagne


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