Project details
Project details

Once upon a time, there was a land. A land shaped by nature and the tireless work of man. This land is Domaine Dalméran, located in Saint-Etienne-du-Grès, in the heart of the Alpilles Massif Natural Regional Park. A very special place, where grapes and olives have been grown for almost eight centuries. Dalméran entrusted us with the complete overhaul of its image. First, the strategy. Identity, founding story, editorial line. Then the artistic direction. Sleek, upscale, singular, in the image of the wine produced by the estate's vines. We also support the estate in all aspects of content creation. Whether audiovisual (main film, social media content, photos, packshots...) or print (brochure, tasting notes, web redesign). Finally, we manage all the brand's social networks.

Artistic Direction – Content production – Content strategy – Diffusion strategy

Vignes et cheval
Verre et logo Dalméran
flyer dalméran
fleur et papillon
bouteille Dalméran phénix